Pippa had 4 boys and 3 girls on 10/20/19.   Pippa was bred to to JCH KCU CH Adesa’s Better With Butter N Tallpine (Berkley). Berkley was bred by my friend and mentor, Dawn Hitchcock of Tallpines Bernese. Berkley was Best In Sweeps, Best of Opposite in Futurity and Reserve Winners Dog at the 2018 BMDCA National Specialty. After that show, Berkley left for Argentina, where he got his Junior Championship in Argentina and his Championship in Uruguay. He has excellent hips and normal elbows.

Pics of Berkley

The average age of the dogs in the potential pedigree is just under 10 years old, which is amazing. But as we know, anything can happen, I wish I had a crystal ball. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please contact Lynn at ueliparent@comcast.net.


Our ideal home is one where the puppy will be raised with a high quality diet, minimal vaccines, the puppy will have someone home during the day (or has a dog walker, if everyone works out of the house).  The Bernese Mountain Dog is from the Working Group – they were bred to work and be active.  Certainly they don’t need the amount of exercise as a herding dog, but they do need daily exercise.  Bernese were bred to be with the farmer all day long, so they don’t do well with long periods of isolation.  We do require that your home is physically fenced.  

We breed for temperament, health, longevity, type natural working ability and structure. While this is a family affair, we don’t breed often and we usually breed first and foremost for ourselves, which means we will be keeping at least one puppy out of the litter. We have a well-planned breeding program and we typically only have 1 litter a year. This mean that each breeding is of tremendous importance to us and that we concentrate our efforts into caring for and socializing our puppies. Because of the amount of time that we spend with each puppy, we do not allow people to pick their puppy. We have spent countless hours with each litter and we will pick the puppy that best suits your wants and needs.  We normally do structural and temperament evaluations between 8 & 9 weeks of age.  


We will raise the puppies with the Avidog – https://www.avidog.com/  as Lynn is an Avidog Associate Breeder and another puppy raising protocol.  We also use holistic methods (raw food, nomograph (due to determine when mother’s immunity has run out so that vaccines are given at the right time.)) In our prior litters, the nomograph stated that vaccines should not be given until 10-13 weeks. Usually we send the puppies on to their new homes between 8 – 9 weeks. I will not compromise the puppies health, so if you or your vet are uncomfortable with the way that I raise the puppies, then you should probably seek another breeder.
Our prior litters were 90% potty trained (they are still puppies after all); they were clicker trained starting at 4 weeks old and knew sit, down, stand and how to walk properly on a leash. Exercises are performed to reduce the chance of resource guarding and each puppy has spent individual time alone in a crate multiple times before leaving our house. I play an app each day of different sounds that your puppy may encounter throughout it’s normal life – fireworks, thunderstorms, construction sounds, trains, babies crying, etc. Most of the time, our puppies are kept past the normal 8 weeks, that many breeders keep their puppies.
All puppies that are sold as companions are placed with limited AKC registration (meaning that they can’t be bred to any other dogs) and our contract has severe penalties if the dog is bred without our permission. We are members of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America – please see their position on crossbreeding. We strongly feel the same. We will not hesitate to enforce our contract.

If you are interested in a future litter, send an email to ueliparent@comcast.net.  In the email, please tell us YOUR NAME and a little bit about yourself and what you are looking for and  your LOCATION.  

Information to great links regarding spaying & neutering your pets. We hope this will help you decide what is the right age for you and your pet.



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