Our parents impressed upon us that if you are going to have an animal, then you should take proper care of it (food, exercise, mostly importantly – LOVE).  So to us, performance plays a big part of that.  So, many members of our family have played with our dogs in performance events.  We have found that our berners have been VERY easy to train; they are very food motivated and they do want to please you.  Above, just like with any dog of any breed, they need consistent, calm training.  We have found that while they need to be trained on a regular basis, most berners do not like to be drilled over and over again.  Five short minutes a day, and you will see amazing progress in your dog.

We can’t recommend highly enough the value and fun that you will have with your dog when you participate in any of the above events.  It keeps you and your dog not only physically active, but mentally too.  There is an old saying “A tired dog is a good dog.”  Truer words couldn’t be spoken!

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