CH Peartree’s Mack Daddy CD, DD, BNDD, RE, NA, NAJ, JJ


Bernergarde # 18764

4/21/2002- 10/21/2010 – died from malignant histiocytosis in the lungs

Loved and Owned by Lynn Balsiger & Ken Helms

Achievements: Ruedi was Lynn’s heart dog.  He was our 3rd dog from Holly Partridge (Peartree Bernese Mountain Dogs).  Ruedi was everything a person could ask for – he was very eager to please, smart, driven and super sweet.  Ruedi was the first to get us into dock diving and he obtained his Junior Jumper title and we attended the Dock Dogs National Championships in 2006.  He won High In Trial Agility at the 2004 BMDCA National Specialty, and at that same specialty, he placed 2nd in the AmBred class.  He also won an Honor Award at the 2005 BMDCA Natl Specialty for qualifying in 3 performance events.  Ruedi completed all the requirements to received the BMDCA Versatility & Working Dog Awards in 2005.