Definition of Natural Rearing in Dogs:
Natural rearing in dogs refers to a method of raising and caring for dogs that is based on the principles of natural living, such as providing a diet that mimics the natural diet of wild dogs, and avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals and medications.
This can include feeding a raw diet, providing plenty of exercise and opportunities for natural behaviors, and using holistic health care practices such as herbal remedies and homeopathy. The goal of natural rearing is to promote overall health and well-being for the dog, and to allow the dog to live as closely as possible to its natural state.
Natural Rearing gives the dog the best possible chance to live a life free of chronic illness and dis-ease and also has been shown to improve longevity.
Please feel free to ask us specific questions on how we raise our dogs.  We feel it’s a combination of how we raise our dogs, their pedigrees and a lot of luck that all of the dogs that live with us have lived past the average lifespan for Berners.