We hope to have at least one litter in the Spring, possibly two.    However, we have people that have been waiting for a puppy from us for over two years. 

We do not keep waiting lists, nor do we place puppies on a first come, first served basis.  We place our puppies in the homes where we think they are best served and will thrive. 

If you email us, please tell us YOUR NAME and a little bit about yourself and what you are looking for (male/female, pet/breeding) and  your LOCATION.  We are located in Metro Atlanta, GA, we prefer to keep our puppies within a days drive of us, in case one of our homes needs assistance. We DO NOT sell breeding dogs to people we don’t know personally.  We breed for ourselves first and then the rest are sold as companions.  We require a physically fenced yard.  NO INVISIBLE/ELECTRIC FENCES.    We raise our dogs holistically, if that isn’t something you believe in, you are better served to find a puppy elsewhere.  


If you are willing to be patient and feel that you are a good candidate for a puppy (time, temperament and commitment), then please send an email to contact@tollhauskennels.com.