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We hope to breed Sophia sometime in the early Spring of 2018.  At this time, we have not decided on who we will be breeding her to.  Sophia lives in Georgia and the litter will be whelped in Georgia.

Heidi's prior litters were raised according to this protocol - and the upcoming litters will be raised the same way.  Heidi's litters were 90% potty trained (they are still puppies after all); they were clicker trained starting at 4 weeks old and knew sit, down, stand and how to walk properly on a leash.  Exercises are performed to reduce the chance of resource guarding and each puppy has spent individual time alone in a crate multiple times before leaving our house.  I play an app each day of different sounds that your puppy may encounter throughout it's normal life - fireworks, thunderstorms, construction sounds, trains, babies crying, etc.  All puppies will be kept until 9-10 weeks old.   

All puppies that are sold as companions are placed with limited AKC registration (meaning that they can't be bred) and our contract has severe penalties if the dog is bred without our permission. 

If you are interested in a future litter, please fill out the questionnaire on the Litters page.  General inquiries regarding breedings, should be send to

Information to great links regarding spaying & neutering your pets.  We hope this will help you decide what is the right age for you and your pet.

Please click this link for a great video regarding responsible breeders:

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